Our Foundation

As Commercial Design Services sets out to celebrate thirty-five years in business, we reflect on all the support we have received as a family-owned organization as well as the organizations we have been blessed to give our support with over the years.


CDS has given back to many incredible organizations like the American Brain Tumor Association, Metropolitan Ministries, and Feeding Tampa Bay. A few years ago, we met the leadership of Feeding Tampa Bay at the Tampa Bay Business Journal ONE Tampa Bay event and were impressed by all the work they are doing to support our neighbors experiencing food insecurities.

As we grew that relationship, we were able to donate furniture to their office space. That was the spark of our desire to formalize what we have always known, The Davis family and our team at CDS has always and will always prioritize charitable giving in our community.

Our Journey

Is A Personal One

As a 2nd generation, family-owned organization, CDS is working to enhance our charitable giving and encourage our team to get more involved with organizations they are passionate about. With a focus on giving, we are proud to announce that we are creating the CDS Family Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to contribute a portion of our year-end profits toward organizations that speak to us and our team.

Our journey to launching this foundation is a personal one. Our family experienced extreme loss over 20 years ago when our mother passed away from her battle with brain cancer. Our mom was a fighter. Her doctors told her that she would only live months, but she fought for many years. Her focus and determination to pull through her treatment was an inspiration to many. Our mother believed deeply in the goodness of people and she would be proud to know that her family is continuing to give back, get involved, and make our community a better place.


As our foundation begins, we will be putting the first contributions towards organizations with a mission to help with the pain we felt from losing our mother. Our first donation through the CDS Family Foundation will be to the American Brain Tumor Association and organizations who help children deal with the loss of a parent early in life.

Our Team

We know our team members at CDS also go through many difficult life events and are passionate about causes affecting our community. Just recently, our team at CDS came together to organize supplies to be sent down to the Hurricane Ian victims through the help of AIA.

Our Community

The CDS Family Foundation will encourage our CDS employees to also get involved with the decision-making process on where we will give back and get involved each year. At CDS, we are a team as well as a family and we are proud to support our community through this foundation.

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